Financial Support

In addition to finding a coach, training partners and a place to train, two important considerations for an athlete thinking about becoming a professional distance runner are 1) how do I make a living, and 2) how do I stay healthy.

Financially, athletes generally have the following options:

To stay healthy, athletes need to try and replicate the support they enjoyed in the collegiate environment, as follows:

  • Have health insurance – even if it has a high deductible - in order to cover costs associated with a serious or ongoing injury, both in terms of treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Find trainers and medical personnel such as doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc
  • Eat healthy foods, follow good nutrition and get necessary rest.
  • Obtain a fitness club membership or gain access to a school’s weight/training room.
  • Follow your coach’s training program and keep lines of communication open regarding health.
  • Make sure the training situation is a comprehensive, positive and supportive environment.