An Interview with Scott MacPherson of Team Rogue


Austin, Texas - June 8, 2011 - Scott MacPherson, a native of Plano, Texas, returned to his home state after running collegiately at the University of Arkansas to join Team Rogue to start his professional running career.  As an Arkansas Razorback, who graduated in 2010, Scott was a three-time All American who competed in events that included the mile, 3000 meters and the steeplechase as well as cross country.  As a prep at Plano High School, he ran 4:12 in the mile and 8:54 in the 3200 meters and was a two-time Foot Locker cross country qualifier.  Team Rogue, a relatively new training center, is based in Austin.


When did you first start running and what were some of your top accomplishments in high school?

Scott: I started running as a freshman in high school. I was a 2 time High School All-American and a 4 time Texas State Champion.

The University of Arkansas has a long-standing reputation as a distance running powerhouse. What made you decide to go to school there and what were some of your best experiences from being a part of that team?

Scott: I wanted to be a part of a winning team, and I felt that Coach McDonnell would be able to make me a great runner. I wanted to surround myself with the best, learn from them and live in a winning environment. Plus, Fayetteville is a great college town. I really enjoyed running in the Ozarks and the beautiful landscape.

When did you first start thinking about running professionally? Did you have others around you supporting you and guiding you in that decision?

Scott: Once I began running I fell in love with the sport and the competition. I knew I wanted to continue running at a high level very early in my career. My parents, sister and girlfriend have always been there for me. They have always supported me through the ups and downs of running, and they were 100% behind my decision to move to Austin and follow my running dreams.

Did you have any concerns about making a career out of running? What were some of the key issues that you had questions about?

Scott: I knew I wasn’t going to make millions of dollars running, at least not right away, but running is such a huge part of my life, and I have so many unconquered goals I knew I needed to keep running after college.

Team Rogue is one of the newer and lesser-known training groups in the U.S. How did you find out about it and what led you to Austin to start your professional career?

Scott: I told everyone I knew I would never move back to Texas. But when it’s right it’s right. I had an immediate connection with Team Rogue’s Coach Steve Sisson. I also got along great with the team. Austin felt comfortable right away and it is a mecca for endurance athletes. I knew that it was the setting for the next phase of my life and training.

If an athlete is curious about Team Rogue, what would you tell them? What is the coaching like, what types of training can they expect, and what are the benefits of being part of the team? Is there anything else people should know about Team Rogue?

Scott: The coaching is perfect for me personally. Steve does a great job of catering to runners on the team. The focus of training is on a long run and one to two quality days a week. The team has a family type relationship. We all get along very well and enjoy each other’s company. When Team Rogue looks for new members, we are more likely to be attracted to great people rather than just a great runner. We like to surround ourselves with positive, happy runners. It makes the training and racing atmosphere much more comfortable.

How has your first year as a professional distance runner gone? What races have you done and what are some of the highlighted results of your career thus far?

Scott: The first year was good but not great. I have refocused my goals, and they are now more long-term oriented. I’m not just focusing on 2012 but also the 2016 Olympics.  Because my goals are relatively long term, I wasn’t looking for earth shattering results right off the bat. I’m trying to prepare my body for the training that will be necessary to compete in 2016. My highlight this year would be 7th at the USA Half Marathon Championships. I finished running a very conservative race and that gives me a lot of hope for the future. That race, along with the San Antonio Rock and Roll Half qualified me for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.

You have quite a range as a distance runner, competing at events extending from the mile up through the 10k, including the 3k steeple. What is your favorite event and what do you plan on focusing on leading up to the 2012 Olympic Trials?

Scott: I feel that the longer I race the better off I am. I love the half marathon, and I really love running on the roads. I am aiming for the marathon trials in January and then either the 10k or the steeple at the trials in June.

What are some of your long-term career goals? Do you think we will see you moving up to the marathon in the future?

Scott: Yes, my long-term goals include success in the marathon. I am fascinated with that distance and I can’t wait to test my body over 26.2 miles. My goals are pretty extreme. I feel that my limits are unknown. I feel that with the right training, atmosphere and motivation I can be competitive on the world marathon scene.

What are you currently training for and where can we expect to see you this summer/ fall?

Scott: Right now I am nearing the end of a training cycle, and I will take some much-needed time off. I will be in Colorado this fall experimenting with altitude training. My next big race will be the Olympic Marathon Trials. Before that, I will be running half marathons, 10k’s and just enjoying the day to day.