Track and Field Athletes Association (TFAA)


The Track and Field Athletes Association was formed by peers in the sport – both current and former – to support the professional track and field athlete. Learn more about the TFAA.

The organization’s basic focus is on:

  • Collective Bargaining. Having the ability to stand up for other athletes in the event they are treated unfairly but also to approach sponsors and governing bodies about possible opportunities with a united voice that is stronger than that of the individual.
  • Mentoring System. Providing mentors to answer questions and to pass on information to the next generation of professional athletes.
  • Revenue Generation. TFFA will be organizing fundraising events to raise money to fund its primary goal of returning value to its members.
  • Health, Disability and Life Insurance. TFFA has partnered with New York Life to help athletes find health, disability and life insurance that makes the most sense for the professional athlete. TFFA hopes to eventually match contributions to health insurance premiums, much like employers often do. Currently, TFFA offers certified, experienced advisors who can get athletes on the right track without paying a fee.
  • Retirement Package. One of TFFA’s biggest initiatives is to establish an investment vehicle that protects an athlete’s long-term interests. The organization plans to request matching donations from USATF and other groups to provide members with long-term financial security.