Track and Field Athletes Association (TFAA)


The Track and Field Athletes Association was formed by peers in the sport – both current and former – to support the professional track and field athlete. Learn more about the TFAA.

The Track and Field Athletes’ Association (TFAA) is a nonprofit, membership-based association that advocates for its athlete members. Their mission is to galvanize the voice of their members to influence the process and the policies that impact its athlete members. Objectives are:

  1. To create a specific set of standards that our members agree to uphold.
  2. To promote the professionalization and commercial viability of our members.
  3. To develop and support specific professional, legal and financial services for our athlete members.
  4. To organize athlete-led initiatives that add value to the profession.
  5. To conduct research and disseminate information to our membership.

Membership is a subset of athletes and supporters, like the RRCA, of the sports of cross country, road running and track and field (collectively known as “athletics”), who satisfy our Membership Qualifications and agree to our code of conduct by signing the TFAA Pledge.