The distance events for track start at the 800 meters and go up through the 10,000 meters, including the steeplechase. Like the collegiate calendar, the indoor track season usually is conducted from January until early March, with the USA Indoor Track & Field Championships held the last weekend in February. The IAAF World Indoor Championships are held every other year in early March.

The outdoor U.S. track season starts in March and concludes in late summer if an athlete is able to participate in meets held outside of the United States. Many U.S. athletes travel to Europe to extend their track season into July and August. Domestically, the outdoor track season generally concludes with the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships held in late June, or in the case of an Olympic year, in early July with the U.S. Olympic Trials.  The IAAF World Outdoor Championships are held in mid to late August or early September. World Outdoor is not held in the same year as the Olympics and it is not held two years after and before an Olympics.

In addition the Pan American Games are held every four years in the year before the Olympics.